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According to the Associated Landscape Contractors of America, landscaping can add almost 15% to the resale value of a property and hasten its sale by six weeks. The whole point of having a lawn is to escape to your own private outdoors when you feel like it, breathe in fresh oxygen, and take in the vibrant colors of flowers, bushes and shrubs surrounding you. A poorly-maintained lawn is an eye-sore, drawing insects, pests and disease, which can destroy your plants and even compromise your health.

Our Boston landscaping services help maintain the health and aesthetics of your outdoor space. If you can not find time to attend to lawn care duties, do not want to invest in specialized equipment to tend to your lawn, or do not wish to put in the effort (and there is a lot of it!) to understand the science and art of landscaping to attempt a DIY job, we are just a call away. A few of our clients know a thing or two about landscaping, yet prefer to entrust their lawns to us.

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What some of our customers say About us

My patio look awesome

He did my patio and driveway, and I was amazed with the attention to detail. we extended our patio, and he did his research and found the same exact type of stones we had on the first portion of the patio and made it look like it was all done at the same time. Great pricing and fast turn around.

review of:

Alejandro M.

Great work guys!

We are very happy to have found a local business to help us with our home improvements. We love our new yard.

review of:

Tony T.

Great job

I did not know my garden could look this good in such a short time. I am recommending you to all my friends and family.

review of:

Maria S.

Snow plowing services

Non cleared snow on driveways, patios and sidewalks is a big liability. The last thing you want is to suffer a nasty fall or have a personal injury lawsuit filed against you. With the first snowfall of winter typically arriving in December, you must have a plan to get rid of snow that keeps getting displaced every day or every few days. It is during times like these that you will find our snow removal services extremely helpful.

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All types of Landscaping

As seasons change, so do landscaping priorities. There are several tasks to perform to keep your turf healthy, insect-free and fertile. We do spring, summer and fall landscaping work that meets your annual maintenance requirements. We also attend to landscaping requests on a needs-basis.

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