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Snow removal of road Free consultation

Snow Plowing

Winter months can be beautiful and they are a welcome change. However, sometimes they can be discomforting. Picture your yard buried under many inches of snow. When the snow gets too deep, becomes slippery and begins to impede movement, it is time to plow it.

Plowing is a tough job and consumes a lot of calories that should be conserved for the winter. If you are in trouble with snow, please do not worry. Call in Joshua Landscaping and engage our Boston residential snow removal service. Note that we also plow snow from commercial properties.

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Landscaping Free consultation


Joshua Landscaping is a one-stop destination for residential and commercial lawn services. We help ensure that your turf is prepared for the change in season, ready to flourish in spring and withstand the rigors of summer.

Our residential lawn care during fall helps your lawn make it through the winter. We seed the appropriate seedlings into your turf using advanced equipment. Our lawn aeration treatment removes soil plugs to allow proper air and water movement, encouraging healthy grass growth and reducing risk of lawn diseases.

Our summer lawn care focuses on keeping your turf healthy in the face of soaring heat and precious little rainfall. Spring care is about fertilizing, encouraging new growth and making your lawn as green as possible. Our thatching service removes the layer of unwanted debris at the root level to improve aeration, increase availability of nutrients and reduce infestation.

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Hardscape Free consultation


Hardscaping is at the heart of a landscaping project and how well it is done determines the outcome of the operation. So it is very important that the hardscaping be done diligently and with utmost commitment. Selection of the right materials is also an important part of the process. In the wrong hands, the hardscaping can be botched up and the entire project can be compromised.

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sprinkler Free consultation

Irrigation & Sprinklers

The only way you can avoid manually watering your lawn or garden is by getting an irrigation system. Manually irrigating a lawn or garden can be backbreaking and frustrating, more so because plants need regular watering.

Would it not be easy if you could just turn a switch and hand over the work to an irrigation system, while you relax on your patio? An irrigation system can conserve water, save time, reduce utility bills and distribute water equally to all plants.

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